1. Enter a description at the prompt, for eg. Drone photography, aerial view, Beautiful lighthouse on a cliff, Coastal rocky, cliffs, waves, Hyperdetailed

2. You can choose the style or simply leave it unselected

3. Simply click on GO to start or CLEAR to start over again

4. After about 20-30 seconds, the bot would have generated 4 images


  • New - to restart this project from the beginning
  • Regenerate - To regenerate 4 new images based on your prompt/description
  • Modify Description - To go back to the previous step. Allows you to add or edit the prompt you have entered
  • Variation 1-4 - To regenerate 4 new images similar to the one you selected. Clockwise from top left is #1, right is #2, etc.
Or simply click on the image for the final step

5. If you click on the image, you will be presented with more options to finalise your image


  • Save to Library - to Save this project to your personal library. You can always resume later
  • Upscale Image - Rerender the image with more details and refinements
  • Post to Profile - Will save the image and post it to your personal profile
  • Delete - To go back to the previous step
  • Email a Friend - Send this image to your friend by email
  • Submit to Gallery - Submit this image to the gallery. Once approved, your image will be published on the public gallery
  • New - Restart the whole process from the beginning